Saturday, August 17, 2013

Limited Time: Free eBook, Deconstructing Time

You can download the first six months of this blog, Deconstructing Time, in a 200+ page fully illustrated eBook format. 

For a limited time, the download is free. 
No strings of any kind.

To download this eBook immediately, click on this link:

The book is in epub format, which is the standard and most common format for eBooks.  Free eReaders are available for most computers, tablets and cell phones from Sony, Adobe and Barnes & Noble. If you do not have an app that views this type of eBook, I have listed a number of links to free eReaders at the bottom of the following page:

Once you have installed the eReader, simply drag and drop the eBook file onto the eReader and the book will open up.

Putting the first 6 months into an eBook, allowed me to change the order of these blogs, and to create a more coherent organization. The sections now are:

Understanding Time
The Past
The Present
The Future

In my introduction, I wrote:

We are immersed in time. We take time as a fact of life and think very little about its workings, yet we are at its mercy. In a sense time is all you have: on your gravestone will be your name and the date you were born and the date you died. 

What could we gain by obtaining a perspective, by standing a bit outside of time? Although the clock will still continue to tick, your relation to time will be changed. It is the modern human -- i.e. Homo sapiens sapiens -- sense of time that is the key difference between humans and other animals. And further I believe that time, as we experience it, is created by our uniquely human brains and is critical to our sense of consciousness.