Friday, August 28, 2015

Time-Flow Photography:Free eBook

Free Educational eBook:
Time-Flow Digital Photography
by Rick Doble
detailed illustrated 100 page eBook

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Example of Time-Flow digital photography: 
Hand-held 8 second exposure of highway lights taken from a moving car.

The top photograph of a violinist in motion by Time-Flow eBook author, Rick Doble, was the featured photograph for the poster for this exhibit of contemporary art in Bucharest Romania at the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2010.

Over 100 years ago a photographer, Anton Bragaglia who was associated with the Italian Futurist movement, took photographs using long shutter speeds in his studio (left, above). Rick Doble, author of the Time-Flow eBook, took a similar but candid picture -- in color hand-held -- of a violinist with the added capabilities of digital photography (right, above).

Time-Flow photography uses long shutter speeds to record the passage of time as it flows. Since this photography often involves the use of blur, some people have criticized it claiming that it is purely accidental, but this is wrong. As this eBook explains there are quite a few techniques and methods available to the Time-Flow photographer that require learning and the development of skills. This eBook goes into detail about those techniques and also offers a number of examples of how those techniques can be used and also combined.

Time-Flow photography also draws on the imagery that was developed in painting in modern art, such as that of the Impressionists, the Futurists and the Cubists which is explained in detail in this free eBook.

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Self-portrait with a TV --
the various pictures on a TV screen combine to make an abstract pattern with Time-Flow photography.

This shot combines camera movement and subject movement with a long shutter speed.